Get Started

Below is a simple flow chart to give you an idea of the process flow involved in taking part in the challenge to get you started...

•Read this guide very carefully one section at a time, so your design will be fit to race. Pay EXTRA SPECIAL attention to the Critical Regulations, which are highlighted in yellow (see page 9).
2. Register your team at:
•Register your team(s) using our online registration system and choose your nearest regional final. A member of the Engineering in Motion team will then contact you with the details of your nearest JPSC hub.
3. Download the CAD files from
•There are 2 JPSC CAD files that can be downloaded to help you build your car. These are: CHASSIS and ENGINE HOUSING. Make sure you download the correct file type for your machine.
4. Design the racing car of the future
•Start designing a super-cool aerodynamic body and some sleek wings for your racing car. Remember no idea is too crazy at this stage, so do loads of sketches to experiment... Then turn your freehand sketches into an accurate 2D CAD model, ready to be manufactured!
5. Manufacture your car
•Make sure your design is fully legal before cutting your final car. Make a test model of your car first, either by hand or using CNC equipment, then fine tune your design to create the finished product!
6. Create a 10-page Design Portfolio
•The judges will want to see a 10-page Design Portfolio on Race Day. This should show sketches, images of models, 2D CAD work and testing to explain how you designed, developed and manufactured your car.
7. Create a 5-minute Verbal Presentation
•As a team, you must put together a verbal (spoken) presentation that lasts no longer than 5 minutes. You can use a powerpoint presentation to help you along, but it's all about speaking directly to the judges!
8. Create a table-top display for your Team Pit Area
•There will be an award for the best Team Pit Display on Race Day, so get creative to show off your team!
9. Attend your nearest Regional Final in March-May 2018
•Attend your nearest Regional Final, ready to compete! Remember to relax and enjoy the day, show plenty of smiles and just do your best. See for full details of regional finals.
10. Regional winners invited to UK National Final in summer 2018
•The top teams from around the UK will compete head-to-head to become crowned the UK National Champions 2018 at our season-finale, the UK National Final. We hope to see you there for the big day!