Jaguar Primary School Challenge - welcome!

The Jaguar Primary School Challenge is a STEM competition, open to students aged 6-11 years old and involves designing and manufacturing the fastest car possible within a set of rules, following the design and engineering processes employed by real engineering companies like Jaguar Land Rover. You will research, design and create model racing cars, learning about aerodynamic forces, efficiency, mathematics and the principles of design. Teams are also given the chance to experiment with the electrification of their vehicles, considering the design considerations of using alternative energy sources. Our teams then compete to be crowned National Champions, producing design portfolios, presenting to the judges and culminating in the ultimate test of speed with a pulsating head-to-head race.


The Jaguar Primary School Challenge is your first step on the road to becoming a real Engineer one day... So belt up for the journey of a lifetime!



You too could become a Jaguar designer, following in the footsteps of people like Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar. Check out his top tips on how you could get there:

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